The Food Medic Tells Us Her Health And Fitness Dos And Don’ts

And Dr. Hazel Wallace also shared his advice for a healthy breakfast …

Dr. Hazel Wallace (@TheFoodMedic) is a personal trainer passionate about nutrition. She has some clever backs and does not move us anymore and eat healthier …

Do not limit yourself

"Food should be something we love. You should never feel unhappy or restricted. The ban on certain foods increases the risk of hyperphagia. "

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DO … Dessert

"I never tell anyone to cut food groups. I included everything – I eat chocolate every day after dinner! Maybe skip the entire slab for the week leading to your vacation, but that's it. "

Do not … have a fake meal

"They always ask me," What are you eating? I do not think of my meals as cheaters; if I want a pizza, I'll go out and take a pizza, but I do not do that all the time. "

TO DO … Cooking for yourself

"Make sure you cook from scratch and have balanced meals. This will prevent you from going for snacks. In addition, you will be more aware of what you eat. "

NOT TO BE DONE … Sur-Exercise

Do three workouts per week; a mixture of strength-based exercises and high-intensity interval training. I make compound movements, like squats and deadlifts, and I will use weight movements for my HIIT. & # 39;

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TO DO … Think of your pre and post-training flows

"If I train very early, I will make a protein shake with protein powder, banana, almond milk and lots of ice. Then I'll have chicken or fish with vegetables and sweet potato to refuel. "

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