These Fitness Trackers Are In The Amazon Prime Day Sale

We could all do with an AP that will tell us to sleep a little more. And, luckily, we have the cheapest answer to employing this staff.

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit are there to help, just like Amazon with its incredible Amazon Prime Day sale .
they all help us stay fit and save money – amazing, is not it?

So, what if you have not updated yet? You can get a free 30-day trial – right now here course. We do not want anyone to miss it!

Get this Vivienne Westwood Watch in the Amazon Prime sale

The sale may have already begun, but do not worry, there are still many good things to be gained. And there are also new cases that are falling permanently.

The Fitbit charge strap, was £ 19.99, now £ 12.99

Pink gold is a favorite among fashion influencers, and you say why this charging strap (real Fitbit not included, FYI) looks instantly chic.

The Polar A360 shape follow watch was £ 176.90, now £ 125.28

Save over 50 € on this Polar Tracker as your measures of effort, activity and quality and amount of sleep. Maybe do not wear it after an evening to avoid the inactivity alert!

Tom Tom Runner 3, was £ 219.99, now £ 129.99

For fitness fanatics, this one is for you. With GPS, you can track your race time, pace and distance. Count your steps, calories and heart rate with different sports modes. And, the best part is, there is room for over 500 songs so you can motivate yourself with Beyonce while you are exercising. Bonus.

There are all the accessories you might want to go with your fitness tracker in the great Amazon sale. Oh, and clothes, shoes, electrical appliances and everything else you might think!


By Harriet Davey

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