We Put Max Factor’s New Foundation To The Test

And he arrived in the lead, obvs.

As a founding snob, I rarely move away from my faves. However, when the new Max Factor Foundation for Healthy Skin £ 14.99 landed on my desk recently, I knew it was fair that I put it to the test properly – and what better way to do it than to keep it on my face for three whole days and document how I came in.

I know you all die from wanting to read all this and so, in the name of beauty, I have done just that. Let's start. Oh, and before me, here is some background information about my skin type and what I'm looking for in a foundation …

Skin color: Olive

Currently out of stock.

Skin type: Normal, combination

Skin condition: Matité. I hate any foundation that gives me a matte finish, shiny, shiny skin is what I am after.

Day 1: Friday

Come on Friday I had an appointment, so I went with my usual makeup routine and I just changed foundation. I found that I had to polish it a little more in the skin because it is thicker than my usual, but I was impressed by the finish. The shade (which was sweet honey) was probably slightly darker than my usual but a quick mirror check in the middle of the evening and I do not even need to refill with a corrector. This is a first!

Day 2: Saturday

I'm usually not the type to wear a full makeup on weekends, but as my sister and I were going to lunch, I decided to do a whirlwind. I did not go as far as I would one night, but because the formula is so light, I can apply a little bit without looking as I wear a lot of makeup at all. My sister even commented on how radiant my skin was.

Day 3: Sunday

I will not lie to you, I spent the day in bed watching Netflix. However, in the name of the science of beauty, I made sure I tried the foundation. Considering that I spent most of the day in the horizontal, I did not expect it to come out (maybe on my pillow, but it 's about it). I had the heating up high enough and normally my skin was dry enough, but I noticed that I did not do this this time. Did I mention that it smells really good.

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