Some People Think Dakota Johnson Is Now Dating THIS Actor

Sources would have spotted them together. And the internet has feelings …

Oh, how we like a new coupling Hollywood.

If the reports are accurate, it seems that Dakota Johnson could have landed a new beautiful warm

According to the gossip and entertainment website of the United States Page Six the 28-year-old man was spotted with actor Mad Men, Jon Hamm, Thursday night

A source affirmed to the publication: "They really seemed to enjoy the company of the other."

The report says that they were seen hanging out together in New York, drinking wine.

The "discreet" encounter lasted about two hours and took place in Kingside, at the Viceroy Central Park Hotel, after the CMA actor hosted the Brooklyn Black Tie Ball

InStyle : "It 's hard to be single after being together for a long time … It' s really hard. It feared. "

Dakota, on the other hand, separated with her two-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Hitt, in 2016.

So. Could love flourish between these two? Or, you know, are they just very good friends who like to chill and drink wine?

Well, a source that seems to be close to the actress has apparently closed the idea that they go out together. They said Gossip Cop : & Dakota and Jon are just friends.

But it seems that the rumors have already aroused a certain frenzy on the World Wide Web, and that social media users have already delivered them quite hard

Jon Hamm and Dakota Johnson ???? Omfggg who is a hot couple [sic] a tweet read.

"Twitter is madly depressing today, but seeing that Drake went to Bella's b-day AND Jon Hamm may be dating Dakota Johnson brought a brief joy," added another

Others, however, do not believe it.

"They had a drink. It was his birthday week. Take it back! Ugh [sic] a user said.


We should keep an eye on this one.

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