5 Desk Exercises To Help With Stress And Tension

The majority of us spend an excessive amount of time sitting at an office leaving us feeling like a potato tied to an office. According to the NHS sitting in a position for long periods of time can slow down the metabolism, which affects the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat

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Being at an office all day can also cause neck pain, poor blood flow and an inflexible spine that can lead to a bad back and shoulder pain. Our bodies are simply not made for an office boredom. Unfortunately, winning the lottery is not on the cards so we have to keep going to work and continue to sit at an office.

A lectern can help

One way to avoid feeling and resembling a crisp pretzel is to ask your boss for a desk. Taking a standing break every few hours can boost metabolism, circulation and help back pain.

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Boss did not want to bombard on a new office? We have a backup solution. Exercise you can do from your chair!

These office work exercises will contribute to stress

Helen Faliveno has put together this guide in 5 steps to relieve and relieve stress at your office …

Neck rollers

Sit well and take a few head rollers in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise. By being very aware of the neck joint, work in all areas of tension.

Hand and arms outstretched

Place your palms on the desk with your fingers pointed at you, straighten your arms and slowly push your hands, then turn your hands over and repeat. Be careful not to push too hard if you have wrist problems. This will stretch through the fingers, hands, forearms and into the upper arms.


Interlacing the hands behind you, draw the shoulder blades together, lift the chest and look up. Press the palms of the hands to open a little more the chest

Torsades of the spine

The left hand comes to the right knee and to the right hand on the back of the chair. On an inspiration lengthen through the spine and on expiration use the trunk muscles and lever on your knee to turn and look behind you. Keep the two bones sitting at the ground and only go as far as you feel good.

Hip opener

Helen said … Bring an ankle on the opposite knee, let gravity draw the knee of the leg bent down and open the hip. For a deeper hip opener slide the foot higher up in the fold of the hip. Make both sides for about the same period, for balance.

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