Blue Mascara Is Pinterest’s Biggest New Beauty Trend

There is always a bit of debate about colored mascara. Is it portable? What is too fatty? Can I really remove it? But now people have talked – and the blue mascara is back on top, with Pinterest looking up to a whopping 234%.

Whether from the track, or an instagram look turned viral, one can not be sure of why everyone is putting blue mascara – but you can say that one is totally at board

Blue Mascara: How to wear the trend

If you do not know how to wear the trend, here are a few options. Keep your base shiny and unruly eyebrows for the most modern look.

If you are afraid to watch OTT, coat your eyelashes in black and save the blue mascara for your background lashes only.

Or for the easiest clue to wear azure, lay the blue of the black mascara, so you get a flash of color when they catch the light

Best blue mascaras

Sold? Thought so much. Here are some of the favorite blue mascaras from LOOK Beauty Teams so you can try the IRL trend ..

NYX Mascara color for professional makeup in blue, £ 6

3INA Color Mascara in Blue, £ 8.95

NARS Mascara Audace in Minerve, £ 22

What do you think? Tendency or nah? Chat with us @lookmagazine and let us know.

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