Cheryl Reveals The Secret Behind Her Incredible Post-Baby Body

Want abs like Cheryl? We also …

At a Grenfell charity event, Cheryl made her first official appearance in early September, after giving birth to her first child, Bear.

The appearance brought a lot to ask one thing … How could Cheryl recover this body so quickly?

And now the singer has left us all in her little secret …

Vogue she revealed: "Tracey Anderson has a streaming service and this is paradise sent. I have a space in my house where I heat the room and then I make it follow and I make it follow. I've always done Tracey Anderson. When I was living in the US, I went to Brentwood, in his studio, but streaming is awesome, so easy and you can do it in your living room. "

The former judge The X Factor is also open on the life of a new mom: "I think I still fit in some respects. I feel differently about everything to be honest – my perspective on everything has changed. First, you see fear in everything, like sharp edges! Your whole being changes because it is no longer yours. "

She went on: "If something happens to you, it does not matter, but if it happens to your child, the impact would be serious. I worry about where social media will be headed by the time it is old enough to have it, you know? This is scary. & # 39;

"I'm so glad I did not have social media when I grew up. We had none of that. I'm glad to have had a popstar life without camera phones in those early days. Everyone is paparazzi now. Then you just signed autographs. No one wants more! "Added the brown beauty.

But when will Cheryl return to the British charts ?! Well …

"What is interesting is that I love music now more than ever," she admitted. "The baby also loves music, and I have always played it throughout my pregnancy. So, back to the grind, back to popstar life, back to the recording. Everything is fun again. & # 39;

"I have not come out of music for a long time, but it 's good to clear your mind – silence and tranquility and the beautiful things that happen to me helped to see things differently.

Eek, it makes us so happy.

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