There’s Another Way You Can Use Huda Beauty’s New FauxFilter Foundation

Huda Kattan is one of our favorite influencers and also the best paid . Her beauty products Huda have become a must in our make-up drawers. Now that the highly anticipated Faux Filter Foundation has finally landed in store, this is a short sale. And no wonder, since we are obsessed with his products since the first day!

But guess what! The #FauxFilter Foundation can be used for much more than your daily makeup routine. If you scroll through the Huda Instagram feed, you will find new ways to use your Fake Filter foundation.

An example is on your legs. Tell yourself that you cut yourself off during shaving or that you have a bruise of this yoga class the other day but it is a Saturday night and you go out … Do not panic, reach your Huda Beauty foundation and your beauty Huda 3D highlight palette and mix some of the melted strobe with some foundation pumps. Using your hands, mix it on your legs and you will see all the imperfections disappear. And here you have your festive legs ready to dance! Add shine to the highlights if you feel like you need an extra glam

Another very useful application of the new Huda Beauty product is the tattoo cover. Yes, now many more bosses are liberal and will not ban you to have ink on your skin, but it is not always a good idea to show it. The Faux Filter Foundation comes to the rescue! Mix a few on what you need to cover, and your tattoos will temporarily disappear under a powdered finish of skin.

The base is also water resistant, making it a must for any beauty enthusiast

Rendezvous at Cult Beauty to get hold of the foundation #FauxFilter!

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