AJ Pritchard’s Dad Opens Up About Mollie King ‘Romance’ Rumours

The Strictly Come Dance Professional Says Itself Very Well With Saturday's Singer, Mollie …

If you watched Strictly Come Dancing this year, you will have heard these rumors about Mollie King and her partner AJ Pritchard.

They seemed to have gelled on the dance floor, but is there more of their 'friendship'? Many spectators are sure of that.

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Now AJ Adrian's father gave his two cents on speculation, saying to Sunday Mirror : "Anyone would like Mollie, she is a very beautiful lady, she has a great personality – what's not there? like?

"They spend more time together than a married couple would. They go together for cafes and walk around the parks in London when they have breaks from the training.

"People have their opinion that they are now an object – you will have to ask AJ about it. But I think she's great. I met Mollie after each show. She is very kind, very easy to talk to. & # 39;

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Hmm. Not exactly a denial, huh?

Pritchard Sr. is not the only person who has fueled the rumor. In criticizing their Viennese waltz last night, Chief Justice Shirley Ballas remarked, "It was romantic with a very credible chemistry."

And Una Healy, Mollie's companion The Saturday, told Now last week: "I know that she and AJ are friends, but I do not know romance … you never know . "

Shirley Ballas believes that Mollie King and AJ Pritchard have "chemistry"

AJ has already spoken to OK! about the situation, insisting: "These are just rumors, just rumors" before adding gently: "She is very beautiful, yes."

He clearly does not think that their age difference would be a problem if something were to develop between them, adding, "No – it's only eight years old!"

Well, whether something is happening or not, we still think that they look absolutely adorable together.

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