Ed Sheeran Reveals Secret Battle With Substance Abuse

Ed recently opened about some dark times …

We all know Ed Sheeran as the singer of the global superstar whose career has just grown stronger in recent years.

But he recently revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show of ITV that not everything was clear …

"I did not really have time to become famous," he confessed. "I've had a long period of normal growth but I think you have to, when you get into the industry, you adapt to it and I did not adapt because I was constantly working on tour …" And all the pitfalls that people read about, I found myself sliding into each one of them. Most like, addiction. "

He continued: "I have never touched anything, I started to slip in and that is why I took a sabbatical year and I was I'm screwed … I focused on other things.I focused on the work and I can not work under the influence, I can not write songs under the influence , I can not work under the influence, the more I worked less [that happened].

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"I have worked all my life to get where I am and you can not lose it compared to something you do in your free time. I did not really notice that it was happening, Ed admitted. "It just started to happen gradually and then some people took me aside and were like, 'Calm down' … It all starts with having fun, everything starts as a party and then you do it on your own and it's not like that that it was a wake up call and take a year off. "

The singer then goes on to describe how his new relationship with his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn helped him through the dark times: "I rekindled a girl with whom I went to high school and we live together now and I think it was a real help to anchor me. I was 25 in the music industry on tour so I just needed someone to balance me. "

We are so happy to learn that Ed is back at his best.

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