The X Factor’s Tracy Leanne Jefford Debuts A Very Chic Makeover

The Mum-of-Three looks AMAZING on Instagram …

We officially know this year's X Factor finalists!

After intense houses of judges, the jury and its assistants finally decided to go to the weekend concerts.

The competitors are now preparing for their first performance this Saturday – and it seems that some of them have had a makeover in preparation. Ooh.

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We've been big fans of Tracy Leanne Jefford since her first audition, when she impressed us with her jazz style voice and great personality.

This 36 year old woman is known for her deep tan, her top and strong makeup. Which, BTW, she looked totally gorgeous with.

But now she seems to have opted for a stripped-down look, starting her transformation alongside her co-star Holly Tandy on Instagram earlier this week.

In the picture, Tracy shows her natural beauty with nude lips, a hint of blush and long flowing locks. She was sure that all the attention was on her peepers, adding a dramatic smoky eye.

Tracy Leanne Jefford looks like a totally different woman on Instagram

All we can say is WOW, lady.

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Tracy – who comes from a traveling background – recently spoke about her goal of changing the public's perception of her community by saying MailOnline : "I want to show the public that there are good people in traveling. community.

"There are good and bad people in every community but you can not mess everyone up with the same brush."

On her success in the competition, she said: "I've never been more ecstatic – apart from when I gave birth to my kids.It's surreal, I really have to pinch me. "

Aw. I wish you the best of luck, Tracy!

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