Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi Opens Up About Her Pregnancy

Roxy Revealed Great News Recently …

Roxy Shahidi – the true face behind Leyla Harding of Emmerdale – recently announced that she was going to become a mother and we are so happy for her.

Share the news with OK! magazine the actress revealed her excitement and that of her husband Arsher Ali, but admitted that she was seriously shocked: "I was absolutely terrified when I saw that the test was positive … "

The 34-year-old continued: "I assumed it would take ages but it only took a few weeks." When the pregnancy test was positive, I am fell into a state of shock! "

She also revealed that it was her colleague and mom of two Charley Webb who had predicted that the actress was pregnant even before she had done the test: "We had worked together and she I called when I came home and said that my breasts were betraying it. "

She added: "Arsher also guessed too because one day I had a sudden need for Hula Hoops, which I do not usually eat!"

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The couple is expected to host their first child in January 2018 and announce that he is going to have a baby girl.

Arsher said, "We are going to have a girl, we both wanted to find out, so we have NIPT [non-invasive prenatal testing blood test at 12 weeks.] There was no girl in my family for 20 years so everyone on my side is quite excited. "

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