Liam Payne’s Cousin Says He Still Hasn’t Met Baby Bear OR Cheryl

The world is on hot coals waiting for the first public appearance of Liam and Cheryl with their baby, Bear. The pair welcomed their son to the world in March, and we are all desperate to see the little guy (with these genes, you know he'll be the cutest)

But the list of people waiting to see the bouncing bundle of joy for the first time also includes the family; the musician Ross Harris revealed that he has not yet met the son of his cousin Liam seven months old.

We were quite shocked to hear that some family members have not yet met their little parent, but it turns out that it's because everyone's schedules are so crowded.

The former cousin of the One Direction member said Now : "I did not have a chance because I was so busy." Liam m & # 39; invited but I was not in the same country at the same time.

"Everyone has been so busy, so it's been very difficult for anyone to get out there and want to leave them alone," he added.

"A newborn baby, it's a very busy activity and they have enough problems with sleep patterns and caring for the baby – but I hope that I will be able to go there soon. "

Recently Liam revealed the real reason behind the eccentric name of his son (obviously this is adorable), and also shared this video of baby bear's ].

It seems that music works in the family, because Ross also works as a singer and drummer. His first single, Compound Fractures, comes out a few days before Liam's second single, Bedroom Floor. So, who knows, maybe Bear will follow in his father's footsteps and become a world-famous pop star too?

Cheryl and Liam have a son together

Ross adds that he has not yet met Liam's daughter, Cheryl, even though the couple have been dating for more than a year and a half.

But I hope that he will soon have the chance to meet the girl Geordie, who volunteered: "I think I am a good babysitter, so they have need help, of course I would like it. "


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