Why The Famous Jungle Shower Might Not Feature In This Year’s Im A Celeb

The final countdown is over until ITV's Celeb finally returns to our screens this weekend. We would probably go so far as to say that it's the best reality show on the box.

The show and its iconic jungle shower go hand-in-hand as Kim and Kanye, coffee and cream and sausages and ketchup (do not look at me).

You would not see one without the other – or at least that's what we thought.

Imagine our dismay when we discovered that this year's series can not present the iconic waterfall. After this frightening discovery near the camp the show could now experience another potential setback, which means that it may not be safe for participants to use the usual shower.

Currently, weather forecasts for the region are not excellent, and the camp could look like a run-of-the-century Celebrity Cyclone Challenge training run.

According to Metro, the rainy weather forecast for the first week of the show is likely to reveal a leech infestation. Ewwwww.

Not more than that

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This means that the shower area, a beautiful wet home that leeches flock, will likely be out of bounds.

Would the jungle be really the same without the swimwear shower scenes being splashed on our TV screens every night? We are not sure.

Let's hope the guys get another place to wash, otherwise it'll be pretty smelly …

By Lucy Abbersteen

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