A Child Destroyed £1,000 Worth Of Make-Up At Sephora And You Have To See The Pictures

Makeup lovers, be forewarned. It's upsetting.

By Arielle Tschinkel

by the editors of HelloGiggles

Makeup lovers, it's a tough one. A makeup artist took on Facebook to post a photo of a destroyed Sephora makeup screen, and she estimated the damage at $ 1,300 (about £ 1,000).

Brittney Nelson went to a Sephora store in Augusta Georgia during the weekend and was shocked to find that someone had destroyed an entire exhibition of eyeshadows Make Up For Ever, believing that 39, was a 'little kid' who was in the store with his mother at the time.

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Nelson, who admits that she did not see the child destroying the makeup first hand, told INSIDER that she was seeing a mother and her child "get out of there." Adding, "The glittering prints helped us decipher that it was a tiny human.

She also congratulated the Sephora employees for the way they handled the situation: "In no time, they calmed their faces in panic, pulled out a cart, carried off the display, cleaned up the rest and the soil.

Here is a picture of the damage.


😡😱😳PSA😤😖☹️ $ 1,300 Eye shadow Make Up Forever destroyed in Sephora tonight because of a small child. I'm sure he / she …

View by Extraordinary Artistic Makeup on Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Nelson has since received criticism for suggesting that parents keep their children at home to do their makeup, and that we should not judge a parent who would have brought his child with him while he was doing races. We also admit that we did damage to these beautiful pallets.

Sephora did not comment on the incident, which is probably for the better. TEAR. Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow … we will never forget you.

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