The iPhone 8 for £29/month? Say what?!?

Yes, of course, I want it in pink gold …..

The best thing about a new iPhone X is that the iPhone 8 is now cheaper! Plus, you get an extra £ 10 off the original cost using the code DEALENVY10 which brings it back to £ 175, which is pretty sweet for a new iPhone.

So, if £ 1000 is out of your price range for the iPhone X, we have found the next best thing. For Black Friday, you can get the iPhone 8 for only £ 29.00 a month on which includes 12GB of data, which is a lot for those of us with a social media addiction, and unlimited calls and texts.

BUY iPhone 8 Data 12GB on O2, £ 29 / month

The phone also comes in gold, gray space and silver.

Tempted? Do not wait because the case will only run for Black Friday.

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