Chris Hughes Responds To The Furore Over THOSE Nightclub Photos

Love Island fans have been concerned about the state of his relationship with his friend Olivia Attwood …

Chris Hughes responded to these photos of him looking comfortable with a mysterious woman in a nightclub.

The clichés appeared after a night spent outside the Love Island star, 24, without her girlfriend Olivia Attwood, and caused a lot of anger among the fans.

But he took on Twitter last night to clear things up, although the message now seems to have been removed.

Olivia and Chris became official in Love Island Villa

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He wrote: "I was a mess Saturday night, I did not remember much. I've put my arms around a stranger that I should never have done, and I still do not know why, but it's a lesson learned not to be a t * ** stuffed.

"We all do things we should not do one time or the other and we do stupid bullshit, but nothing escalates like never before. Sometimes takes an incident to sharpen in life. Just be a drunk. & # 39;

Chris had subtitled the message: "Lesson learned, keep going!"

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While many praised his honesty, others did not seem so impressed by his apology.

When a follower tweeted, "Do you want @oliviajade_att to accept an apology that took you three minutes to write n then tweet? It takes a little more than that, he defended himself with: "Ummmmm no, believe it or not, we're talking away from Twitter."

And even Olivia, 26, would have had an icy reaction, tweeting then removing "lol".

Speaking to MailOnline after the incident, Chris said, "We are good. We met earlier and we are all good. "

Let's hope it. Because we would hate to think of Cash Hughes going through a guard battle just before Christmas …

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