Here’s Why Kate Middleton Will Not Be Meghan Markle’s Bridesmaid

And we get it totally.

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Although it was announced only a week ago that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were betrothed people are already buzzing in every detail, of what kind of cake one can expect a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding on the date of the royal wedding and who will be the bridesmaids.

To prepare everything for such a great occasion, the royal family is working hard on preparation and Prince Harry has officially taken another step towards the big day by choosing his best man.

Unsurprisingly (but with kindness), he chose his brother Prince William to stand beside him as the best man of his marriage, E! The news. Her niece and nephew Prince George and Princess Charlotte will also have undisclosed roles for the royal wedding, depending on the point of sale; however, a family member would not do it.

E! News explains what their source says Kate Middleton – who is currently waiting for her third child – will be the wedding day. The source adds that Kate Middleton will not have a role in the wedding, because she will have her hands full with three children (she must give birth in April) and plans to stay in the benches for the ceremony. "

Although we were expecting Prince William to help the three children, we are happy to know that Middleton will separate from the official functions of the wedding while William will fill the role of best man for his younger brother.

With only six months before the wedding, we are already counting until we can see the whole family dressed for the big day.

Wedding bells can not arrive soon enough!

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