This A-list actress has been chosen as the first-ever host of the SAG Awards

And we can not wait.

By the editors of InStyle
Words by Jennifer Davis

For the first time, the SAG Awards will have a host, and they could not have chosen a more hilarious master of ceremonies. The show chose Kristen Bell from The Good Place to be its inaugural host, and if his opening monologue resembles his ad, then we are all in a good time.

Bell took on his Twitter account to reveal the news with a hysterical video. "Hey guys, guess what? I have been asked to organize the SAG Awards this year, which means that for all my friends who have been nominated, I choose who wins! She begins. Her excitement quickly turns to disappointment as she is informed that this is not really the case.

Meet your host of the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, January 21, 2018. @SAGawards

– Kristen Bell (@IMKristenBell) December 4, 2017

& # 39; This is not how it works? So what am I doing? Like, Anne Hathaway and James Franco did it? I do that? Why did I lose a bet? "Someone off camera lets him know that accommodation is an honor. & # 39; Ok, well who else hosted? I have to call them and ask them for advice. Once she realizes that she is the first, she tries to back down to be told that there will be "legal ramifications" if she does not do it. I have to read the fine print, Kristen.

Now that the show has a host, all that's left is the nominees. The contenders will be announced on December 13, and the 24th annual awards will be broadcast on Sunday, January 21st.

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