Should Meghan Markle’s ‘Friend’ Have Dished The Dirt?

A Simple Answer? No, says Laura Jane Turner of LOOK.

Meghan Markle is probably one of the most in-demand people on the planet right now.

Through his commitment to Prince Harry the circus around her really stung.

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It was only a matter of time before people started to crawl out of the carpentry.

The last? The former best friend of Meghan, Ninaki Priddy – they were "like sisters" from the age of two, apparently – has come forward to offer him, um, a glimpse of this that the bride is really.

The designer also decided that it was the right time to start talking about Meghan's previous wedding.

You are probably aware that actress Suits forged the link with Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson in 2011.

Ninaki was the bridesmaid at the wedding of the pair and, touching the breakup of the relationship, she told the Daily Mail : "What appeared after Trevor and I had spoke to ended my friendship with Meghan, I think everyone who knew them both was in shock.

"All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated, very calculated, in the way she treated people and relationships."


"Once she decides you're not part of her life, she can get very cold. It's this stop mechanism that she has, "she added.

"There is nothing to negotiate, she made her decision and that's all."

"The way she handled that, Trevor definitely pulled the rug out from under him, he was hurt."

Ninaki claims that it is his disapproval of how Meghan handled his divorce that ultimately resulted in the breakdown of their friendship.

Saying that they had previously been like "families," she said, "The end of our friendship was like a death. I cried for a good while. & # 39;

I can not help but think that no matter what happened between the two, her opinions should have remained secret – especially since, as she claims, they were so close. Have not we all confided to a best friend – or showed them our not so perfect side – at one time or another?

Meghan is now entering a new relationship and making real changes in her life, so we should not be flirting with her past.

After all, should not we stop judging and measuring women through their past relationships and romantic history?

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