So This Is Who Prince George Played In His First School Nativity

By Alexandra Whittaker

By the editors of InStyle US

Prince George may not be the biggest fan of the school, but it looks like he's having fun at least when it comes to school. ;extracurricular activities.

The Telegraph reports that Prince George played a role in his first nursery play at school, and that his father, Prince William, could not be more proud.

While Prince William and Kate Middleton were visiting the World Summit for Children's Media in Manchester, England, William took the time to talk about Prince George's theatrical debut while speaking with other children .

"I went to the manger of my boy. It was funny, he said. & # 39; He was a sheep. & # 39;

A sheep. A sheep, guys.

The only thing better than knowing this sweet news would be a picture of Prince George fully equipped in his sheep costume.

Although we (very sadly) do not have it, we would be willing to bet seriously that he looked adorable.

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